Top 5 Things For Beginners To Consider When Copywriting For The Web

Copywriting For The Web: Damiso Lockhart

When it comes to the Internet, content is king. Google and other search engines look for ways to weed out material that is blatantly self-promoting, and this is where web copywriting comes in. Copywriting is a good way to create material that draws people to different sites while offering them valuable information that they might otherwise have not considered. Copywriting for the web, whether as a freelancer or for a personal site, is a skill like any other, and it is important to remember a five essential considerations.

Spelling and Grammar Still Count

There are many places on the Internet where a writer does not need to think about spelling or grammar. Personal emails, texts, and casual updates are all places where spelling and grammar rules are not necessarily in play. Web copywriting, however, must be completely spell-checked and thoroughly proofread. In many cases, having misspelled content and grammatically-incorrect text on a site is something that leads to people dismissing the site as an amateur effort.

Get an Editor

Web content editing is essential. While some writers can do this for themselves, but are definitely others who need help. Web content editing takes raw material and smooths it over, giving it an essential polish that brings in views. This is something that many new writers do not know; a good editor is a person who can take mediocre content and raise it to a professional level.

Keep Content Current

When producing content for a personal site or a client, it is essential for the information to be kept current and up to date. Writing about current events is a significantly better draw than writing about past events. There is often a call for “evergreen” content, which is content that never goes out of date, and while there is a place for this type of content, current information that is often switched out and updated is far more attractive to searchers.

Avoid Filler

Filler is text that simply manages to fill in many words while saying very little. Sometimes it can be tempting to simply fill in the blank space with pointless observations, but the truth is that it does more harm than good in the long run. Eventually, it becomes obvious that the content that is simply filler and more views will be lost than gained.

Divide and Conquer

Writing for the web utilizes different strategies than writing for print. While large blocks of text daunting in print, they are incredibly unappealing on a computer screen. This means that it is always a good idea to break text up into discrete chunks and to give each chunk a bolded title. This allows the reader to quickly and easily locate the information that they need without needing to read the whole thing. It is also an excellent organizational device as it allows you to sort your thoughts order them correctly.

Web copywriting takes time and skill, but it can be an excellent way to enhance a webpage or to draw in more followers. Of course, if you need any help with writing copy for your website you can send me a shot on Twitter.


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